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Let Me Introduce Myself...

Hi! My name is Kat (I know, a 'Kat' who loves dogs). I am from and currently based in Gloucester. And it's true, I do love dogs! 

As soon as my family got our first dog, I couldn't stop taking photos of her. And that's where it all began!

I gained a BTEC and BA Hons in media and then went on to specialise in photography. Alongside this I worked at a doggy daycare, Dogs Trust and a local rescue charity, Teckels. This is where I started to combine my love of photography with my love of dogs.

At the daycare I realised each day the owners would drop off their dogs for the day and then collect them later without really knowing what they got up to. So I started to bring my camera to work and capture them all playing together and enjoying the activities of the day. They were a big success. Here I learnt the value of capturing the dogs' personalities on camera and loved seeing the reactions of the owners who got to see their dogs happy socialising. 

After working at the rescues and gaining more training in dog behaviour, I started to notice an awful lot of photographs where dogs were superficially happy and in reality were showing stress symptoms. 

As a dog lover and photographer, I wanted to capture both a stunning photograph and a happy, relaxed dog. I believe that a beautiful image, that comes from a good experience for the dog, holds more meaningful and happy memories and something to really treasure. 

True Dog Photography

I am a dog photographer who specialises in natural lighting and outdoor photography. None of my shoots will be inside in a studio environment. I like to capture your dog happy and free in the great outdoors!

During a True Dog Photography photo session, I don't just take a few snap-shots of your dog.

I get to know your dog's personality and background, select the best photogenic spots of the chosen location and incorporate all of this into your images. 

I won't take some quick, simple photos of your dog that you could have taken on your mobile phone.

I will create pieces of art that really capture your dog's true self, that can hang proudly on your wall and be enjoyed for years to come. 

Bit worried your dog might be too much for me to handle? Don't be!

I have worked with a variety of different breeds and behaviours and photographed both individual dogs and large groups. I create each session to suit the dog I am working with. Super bouncy, boisterous, dog-aggressive, shy, un-trained - don't worry! I can work with all.

We love our dogs for exactly who they are. So if your dog can't sit still for more than 5 minutes, wanders off pretending not to hear your calls to come back and is just a bit of a cheeky monkey in general, they can still do their own thing during a photo session and I will be able to produce beautiful images for you.

Your dog calls the shots and I work with them. I wouldn't want to capture them any other way, because lets face it, they wouldn't be themselves otherwise. 


Gloucester Punchline Magazine

In the July edition of the Gloucestershire business news magazine, Punchline, is the 'A Picture-Perfect Business In the Making' article all about True Dog Photography on pages 90 and 91.

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